Attorney Joette Trinh is a vibrant, determined, and exceptional member of the Baillie & Hershman team. Having begun her journey as a legal professional less than three years ago, Joette has proven her dedication to her clients and her firm with impressive force. She has doubled her book of business in the past year alone which is a direct result of her unique loyalty to the legal matters of which she is a part of.

“In September 2014, I was nine months pregnant with my daughter.” Explains Joette. She continued, “I attended an out of office closing about 45 minutes away from my office with my clients.  At the beginning of the closing, my water broke.” While most would understandably go to straight to the hospital, what Joette actually did may surprise you. “For the next 45 minutes, despite my being in labor, I was able to successfully complete the closing with my clients…”

If that isn’t enough of a display of Joette’s commitment to practicing law she also mentors high school students who aspire to start their own journeys in the legal profession. Joette is invested both in the transactions she is a part of today, and the professionals who will be handling the transactions of tomorrow.

Behind the scenes, Joette also runs a successful real estate investment business. However, her most important work is done at home with her family. Together Joette and her husband Mike share the joys of raising their daughter, Isabelle. As a family they explore the wonders of the world including traveling to new places, trying new foods, and learning new things. Isabelle is currently learning Vietnamese, Chinese, and English. Joette’s strong family is the result of the loving example her mother set for her. Having raised Joette as a single mother from the young age of 8, the two continue to share a strong bond and create new memories across generations.

Balancing her legal work, real estate investment business, and family life is no small feat. Pair her duties for work and family with her devotion to giving back to the next generation of lawyers and you can certainly see why we are overjoyed to have Joette in the Baillie & Hershman family.